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What we Are

MariaDAZE is a collection of inspired ideas in fashion, lifestyle and digital. Principally a creative group birthed from London-based artistic collective.

What We Promise

MariaDAZE aim to deliver alternative reviews on fashion, style, business and culture - sending a message of peace and acceptance of diversity out into the world; through a series of urban inspired exploratory blogs, hopefully thought provoking and mentally inspiring.


What is our Passion

MariaDAZE is passionate about sharing best practice recommendations and leading trends from industry players on technology, healthy lifestyle and consumer products that are becoming prolific in our lives.  All views and comments are our own.



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Where to eat in... Shoreditch

An island for all men...

A dozen restaurants in a square mile

You may have already heard of this ever-increasing popular and trending corner of the city, right at the gates of the East End of the capital - Shoreditch; with its abundant array of options for social and professional services, this borough keeps you going from work to play, day through to night - click to read more and discover a new perspective take on places to visit for fun, food and drink near and around Shoreditch.

I Want to Explore More...

What to watch for.. On the Big Screen and On the Book Shelf

london street art 2.jpg
angola street art 1.jpg

Quarantine Quarterly

Book bingo

Complete this mind enriching challenge during quarantine and get to clear your book shelf.

There is not much ado about anything these days with lockdown conditions still being enforced in many cities around the world the demands of the imagination to keep us motivated and entertained continue to leave us scratching our heads.

We have prepared an easy challenge that is sure to leave you with the positive satisfaction of accomplishing a productive feat over the lockdown period.

Click to read more on the Book Bingo challenge details and take part in the game!

Where to wander for.. Street Art in London

Alone in the streets..

A glimpse at life during lockdown.

It is amazing what you will notice when the distraction of traffic is taken away in all its forms.

Human traffic, cars, motorbikes, scooters, pedestrians, noise, honks, cyclists - the lot; take it all away and now the silence and stillness confronts US, for some for the first time.

Check out the selection of captivating images taken by people around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

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